1.11.16 – WOD 

Athlete: Joe Y. doing some Pistols during Saturday’s chipper workout. 




Back Squats, 5 X 5 building to 90%*

*add weight from last week based on the following: 

<100 pounds = 5

100-199 = 10

200-299 = 15

300+ = 20 


Using 65% of your 5RM Back Squat, for time:

15 Squat Cleans

– rest 3 minutes 

12 Squat Cleans

– rest 3 minutes 

9 Squat Cleans 

Optional Accessory Work:

3 sets NOT for time:

8 Strict Pull-ups, weighted if possible

24 Russian Twists w/ KB

30 second static Superman Hold 



For reps:

5 minutes of Burpee Box Jumps

5 minutes of Rest

4 minutes of Row, Calories

4 minutes of Rest 

3 minutes of Wall Balls

3 minutes of Rest

2 minutes of Push-ups

2 minutes of Rest

1 minute of Pull-ups

Barbell Club:


Push Press 3-3-3+ @ 70/80/90 % of your 1RM*

*always use 90% of your actual 1RM when calculating percentages 

+ means failure reps and keep track of that number


Bent Over Rows 4 X 10, heavy (no Kipping) 


3 Giant sets of:

10 DB Front Raises

10 DB Lateral Raises

10 DB Reverse Flys

*use a light to moderate load


3 X max effort Stationary Dips

– rest as needed between sets 


Accumulate 180 seconds in Plank 

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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