Proof that Mevans showed up to the 5:15am class on time. We have been working on her for a long time about the importance of showing up on time. She took ownership and made a change! 

We understand it’s not easy to always be on time, but we only hold the members accountable to being punctual because we want you to be warmed up properly to prevent injury, understand the goals of the workout to maximize your fitness and to honor the other members of the class and their time. 

Way to be an example to others, Mevans! 



30 Muscle-ups for time


E2MO2M x 4 sets:
3 Clean Pulls @ 95% of Best Clean (not touch and go)


A. EMOM x 4 of Bar Muscle-ups/Chest to Bar/Pull-ups, progress from last week and work to skill level
B. 5 x 3 Fat Gripz Deadlift, across
C. Pinch Grip 3 x max hold, each hand with competition plate in hand, 35/25



2 rounds of staying between 70-75% of MHR:

6 minutes of Rowing
6 minutes of Jump Roping any style
6 minutes of Alternating Step-ups (use low setting on Rogue Block)
6 minutes of Shadow Boxing (use combos and stay bouncy on feet)



8 minute AMRAP, 2 minute Rest x 3 sets of:
5 Burpee Plate to Overhead
10 Wall Balls

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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